making your property look its best!

We work with our professional photo development labs and framers to produce boardroom masterpieces as well as enduring photographic heirlooms.
In-house post-processing and retouching, like Photoshop, is also available.


Pricing and Quotes

Please contact us by our email form or FREECALL 1800 AIRPIX with your requirements so that we can email you with a free quote within 24 hours.

Pricing is a function of distance to fly and the desired end result, whether you want an enlarged and framed photograph or all the images on a DVD or USB Drive. Normally, copyright for private purposes is included and may be purchased for commercial work.

Ask us how you can save up to 50% off the normal quote, making it very affordable!

How We Work

First, we listen to you and find out your requirements and the desired outcome. This could be a boardroom masterpiece of your plant or project or a framed enlargement of your property, destined to become a family heirloom. Sometimes, having full copyright access to digital images of your property may be all you require.

After we know exactly the boundaries of your property we will fly the mission at the earliest opportunity.
Generally, a near cloudless day with excellent visibility will give the best results.
We orbit your property several times at different heights to get the best angles and perspectives.

We shoot at least half a dozen high-resolution images per location and you can choose the best one for enlargement and framing and/or elect to have all photos on a CD, DVD or USB drive. Also direct downloading from the AirPix servers is available.

These options give you the possibility to print out as many copies as you like or distribute them electronically to friends and family.
Normally we will be able to mail the DVD to you within a few days after the flight and enlargement/framing takes a few days longer.

AirPix retains a copy of all images shot over many years in our archives so you’ll always be able to order from this stock.


In order to get the images to you as fast as possible the preferred method is Direct Deposit. We also accept cash, cheques as well as PayPal and major credit cards (subject to a small fee)

Aerial & Elevated

Photography & Video