Communicating from a higher level

AirPix has a long history of tailoring packages to our clients in real estate, marketing,  agriculture, viticulture, hospitality,  commercial developments,  transport infrastructure, natural resource management sector, education and recreation.


Additionally, our expertise is in providing progress shoots of important projects in the mining and construction sector.

Often we also create a large photobook showing the start to finish of a project or furnish a large canvas mural of the completed development for boardrooms and offices.
Images can be made available on our secure servers for immediate download or can be express posted on DVD and include copyright for internal use. We can produce our high-resolution imagery as a video slideshow.
If full commercial copyright is needed so that you can use the images for marketing purposes such as brochures, Newsletters, web use or Annual Reports, this can be arranged as well.

Benefits of AirPix Commercial Services:

  • Strategic Planning & Site Evaluation
  • An invaluable tool when planning delivery times and placements.
  • Plan access routes
  • Plan on equipment placement, trailers
  • Aerial photos are an important visual aid for staff and sub-contractor meetings.
  • Progress documentation provides a permanent visual record of the site’s exact condition.
  • Dated photographs may be used to settle disputes with suppliers, sub-contractors, neighbours, or government agencies, building inspectors, environmental groups, etc.
  • Aerial images enhances communication with all involved parties
  • Progress shoots provide independent documentation

Aerial & Elevated

Photography & Video